Hearing Aids

Invisible In The Canal-(IIC) Hearing Aids

IIC is a new category with respect to size and position of the device. An IIC hearing aid is one in which the faceplate is at or near the second bend of the ear canal, and the medial aspect of the shell is much closer to the eardrum. The deeper position of the hearing aid allows for several technical advantages including less occlusion, less feedback, and a more comfortable snug fit.



Receiver In The Canal- RIC Hearing Aids

Slim, discreet, and stylish, these hearing aids are hard to detect. Great sound quality due to deep placement of the speaker (receiver)



Completely In The Canal- CIC Hearing Aids

One of the smallest, least visible type of hearing device. Molded to fit deeply within the ear canal. Since the microphone is in the canal itself, it receives the sounds from the outside similarly to regular hearing.



Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

One of the worlds most common styles. Fits behind the ear and available in regular and mini.

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Pamala A. Pannell is the Director of Audiology at Pro-Audiology of Nashville. She received a Masters of Audiology from the University of Mississippi in Oxford. She is committed to providing quality personalized hearing health care services for the identification, prevention and nonmedical rehabilitation of hearing loss using the most advanced marketed technology. She has earned the reputation for excellent patient care and takes pride in the quality of services offered to patients with hearing and balance problems.